We offer amazing property maintenance services to people who value their time, money and homes

About Us

What we do ?

J&Z Property Maintenance is a company offering amazing property maintenance services to people who value their time, their money and their homes. Our team consists of experienced, insured professionals who are always ready to help.

How we got here

My name is Zorayas and I am the founder of J&Z Property Maintenance. I have owned a painting company for the past several years and during that time, I made a lot of connections with all kinds of professionals and clients with various backgrounds.

I noticed that there was a high demand for a contractor that can provide multiple home maintenance services of consistently high quality, as well as great customer experience. This is how the idea of J&Z Property Maintenance was born. We put highly-skilled professionals in different areas together and we are now proud to say that we have built one of the most reliable businesses in this field in Melbourne.

How we can work together

Hiring us is extremely simple – you can call us on 0404 959 888 or click here to contact us and book a no-obligation viewing, after which you’ll get a quote. Alternatively, you can send us a work order, we’ll take a look and send you an offer.

After we agree on price and time frame, we’ll proceed with scheduling the job. Yes, it is that simple!

Give your property a whole new life – contact J&Z Property Maintenance today.

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